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The FileZilla client is an FTP client. It supports FTP, SFTP, and FTPS (FTP over SSL/TLS). It runs on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

Author: Tim Kosse

Current status

Being translated by a few teams. The language file of FileZilla on Pootle was uploaded in June 2008, but may not be the absolute latest version. Please continue to translate the version currently in Pootle.

* Which version is the latest version of FileZilla? See here..

A job was posted on to invite professional translators in the following languages to help update FileZilla to the current version:

ar Arabic, bn Bengali, cs Czech, cy Welsh, da Danish, dv Divehi, eu Basque, fa Farsi, ff Fulah, fi Finnish, fo Faroese, fur Friulian, ga Irish
gl Galician, gv Manx, he Hebrew, hi Hindi, hr Croatian, hu Hungarian, hy Armenian, ka Georgian, ku Kurdish, lt Lithuanian, lv Latvian
mk Macedonian, ms Malay, nb Norwegian (Bokmal), ne Nepali, nn Norwegian (Nynorsk), nr Ndebele, nso Northern Sotho, pap Papiamento, pt_BR Portuguese (BR), ro Romanian, sq Albanian, ss Swati, st Southern Sotho, su Sundanese, sv Swedish, sw Swahili, th Thai, tl Tagalog, tn Tswana, tr Turkish, ts Tsonga, ur Urdu, uz Uzbek, ve Venda, xh Xhosa, and zu Zulu.

Second-language feature

If your English isn't that good, and you wish to translate from another language, or if you want to use a second language as a reference while translating, our Pootle server has the second-language feature enabled. You can view the Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Continental Portuguese, Russian and Simplified Chinese strings while you translate from English.

These eight languages are available on the server in read-only format. If you want to help translate them, contact their official translators.

To activate a second source language in Pootle, go to your profile page and select the second language under Alternative Source Language.

Language file information

  • Number of strings: 1381
  • Number of words: 7432
  • Original file format: POT

Sources for research and stuff

Procedure for translating FileZilla

If you want to translate FileZilla using our Pootle server, here's the procedure to follow:

1. Check if your language has an existing translation. If so, e-mail that translator and offer to help translate FileZilla. Tell them that you'd like to use Pootle, and invite them to contact me.

1.1 You can find a list of current translations here (translators' names and e-mail addresss are at the top of the PO files):

1.2 Some translations may exist even though they're not on the above web site. Do a search on the FileZilla forum for mention of translations into your language. A particularly relevant thread is this one:

2. If your language has no translator or translation, send an e-mail to Tim Kosse to let them know that you want to translate FileZilla using our Pootle server. Ask him if there are existing translators in your language.

Remember to also send the Decathlon project leader an e-mail of your intention or willingness to help translate FileZilla (keep me in the loop!).

More tips for translators


FileZilla official l10n info

At the time of writing, FileZilla had partial or full translations in the following languages:

More than 90% completed: ko_KR, et_EE, fr_CA, ca, es, ja_JP, id_ID, pt_PT, vi_VN, bg_BG, ca_ES@valencia, de, el, fr, it, nl, pl_PL, ru, sk_SK, sl_SI, uk_UA, zh_CN.

Less than 90% completed but last updated within the past year: th_TH, ro_RO, lv_LV, gl_ES, nb_NO, cs_CZ, hu_HU, fi_FI.

Less than 90% completed and not updated within the past year: km_KH, ku, ka, mk_MK, eu_ES, lt_LT, he_IL, tr, ne, ar, da_DK, sv.

FileZilla's s official localisation guide -- not everything in this guide is relevant to Decathlon translators because Pootle takes care of many of the technical issues described in this guide.