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Quick Start for Decathlon Translators

If you want to participate in translating, you need to do a few things first. Basically, you need to:

  • Register at the Pootle server
  • Edit your account details
  • Let me know what your user name is
  • Read up on the project itself
  • Follow any further instructions

1. Register

Register at and wait for the activation e-mail. If you get a message saying “invalid user” or similar -- it is an annoying bug, so please let us know about it (and just try to log in again).

2. Edit your details

Once you've activated your account, log in using your username and password. Then visit, and select your first language and your second language. Optionally also select which projects you want to participate in (hold Ctrl to click multiple options).

3. Let me know your user name

The reason I need to know your username is so that I can give you translation rights. On many projects, anonymous or unknown users have suggestion rights, but no translation rights unless they are granted by me or by the language maintainer for that language and project.

4. Read our wiki about the project

We have a page for each project on our wiki, with useful information about how to translate it and where to find terminology for it.

For example, if you want to help translate FileZilla, visit

5. Follow further instructions

In many cases, it is necessary to register and make yourself known at the official page and forums of the project that is being translated. Such instructions will be on the above-mentioned wiki page. Try to appear like an active member, and you'll get lots of attention.

More information

  • Remember, a team of translators can work on a single translation independent from each other, so if you have friends or colleagues who might also want to help, they can register at our Pootle server and help you translate.