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SpeedCrunch is a standard scientific calculator with features like scrollable display, unlimited variable storage, more than 50 built-in math functions, on-the-fly calculation, and syntax highlight with parentheses matching. It runs on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and other Unixes.

Current maintainer: Helder Correira

Language file information

  • Number of strings: 13 (books) + 317 (messages) + 213 (site)
  • Number of words: 18 + 805 + 1753 = 2576
  • Original file format: POT and TS


Speedcrunch is no longer being translated on Pootle. The application has not been updated for a while and the GUI is still not available in PO format.

Procedure for translating SpeedCrunch


Tips for translators

WARNING: SpeedCrunch may be a small program, but it will take a fair amount of research to translate it. In fact, we suggest you translate the constants and functions offline before typing the translations into the actual language files.

The menus

Download this file with screenshots of the program menus, and translate it offline, or use it as a reference when translating the actual language files. Download in DOC or ODT format.

The constants and functions

It may help when translating the constants to know what kind of constants they are. As for the functions, they are often better known by their abbreviations than by their full forms. For this reason we've categorised the constants and added abbreviations to the functions in this file. Print it out and translate it offline (possibly while stalking a number of mathematics students or lecturers). Download in DOC or ODT format.

Definitions, explanations and alternate names

Some of constants may be known by several names, and not all of those names may be in your dictionary. So I've created a file with definitions, explanations and some alternate names I could find for the various constants, functions and mathematical thingies in SpeedCrunch. Mostly I used Google and the Wikipedia to figure things out. Please also update the file with more useful information and send it to me. Download it in DOC or ODT format.

Sources for research and stuff

Technical stuff (not really for translators)


SpeedCrunch official l10n info

Already being translated into: cs, de, es, es_AR, fi, fr, he, id, it, nl, no, pl, pt, pt_BR, ro, ru, sv, tr.

If you want to participate in translating SpeedCrunch into a new language or help maintain it in one of the existing languages, send an e-mail to Helder Correia and tell him that you're interested, and that you'd like to use Pootle for translating the web page portion of it. Then send me an e-mail as well, so that I can add the language to Pootle. Oh, and start translating the constants file mentioned above.

To see what languages are being translated, as well as the names of the current translators, see here.

Attribution for Decathlon translators

Translators' names and e-mail addresses are usually included in the translated files automatically. We also believe that translators should be given credit for their translations.

The following information reflects the situation between January 2008 and July 2009 (we don't keep statistics automatically). The “activity” column represents the number of lines translated or edited.

Name of translator E-mail address Activity
Clytie Siddall clytie[at]riverland[dot]net[dot]au 316
Samuel Murray afrikaans[at]gmail[dot]com 30