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TuxGuitar is a tablature editor, score writer and player targeted at guitarists. It runs on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and other Unixes. Written in Java, requires Java 1.4 to run.

Author: See

Language file information

  • Number of strings: 433
  • Number of words: 909
  • Original file format: Java .properties


The language file of TuxGuitar on Pootle was uploaded in October 2009, but may not be the absolute latest version. Please continue to translate the version currently in Pootle.

* Which version is the latest version of TuxGuitar? See here and here.

To see how far TuxGuitar has been translated into various languages, take a look at their statistics on our Pootle server. Not all languages listed on Pootle are being translated by our translators -- some language files were uploaded for reference purposes only (see “Second-language feature” below).

Procedure for translating TuxGuitar


Tips for translators


Second-language feature

If your English isn't that good, and you wish to translate from another language, or if you want to use a second language as a reference while translating, our Pootle server has the second-language feature enabled. You can view the German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Continental Portuguese and Russian strings while you translate from English.

These five languages are available on the server in read-only format. Some of them have been partially translated by Decathlon translators, but we're currently sorting out the identities of their translators.

To activate a second source language in Pootle, go to your profile page and select the second language under Alternative Source Language.

Sources for research and stuff

Technical stuff (not really for translators)

To convert properties to PO:
python prop2po tuxguitar_new.po

To merge translations back:
python po2prop -t tuxguitar_new.po

The default method of escaping is Unicode entities. Some of the source texts are not in UTF8 but they may be delivered in UTF8.

TuxGuitar official l10n info

Already translated into: Not many languages… yet. Decathlon volunteers may or may not help to translate these languages.

If you want to help translate TuxGuitar into one of the existing languages, contact us as well as the current translator.

Please note: Decathlon may or may not contact existing translators of TuxGuitar to invite them to use Pootle. If you are an existing translator of TuxGuitar and you want to use Pootle, you're welcomme to let us know.

TuxGuitar's official localisation guide -- not everything in this guide is relevant to Decathlon translators because Pootle takes care of many of the technical issues described in this guide.

Attribution for Decathlon translators

Translators' names and e-mail addresses are usually included in the translated files automatically. We also believe that translators should be given credit for their translations.

The following information reflects the situation between January 2008 and July 2009 (we don't keep statistics automatically). The “activity” column represents the number of lines translated or edited.

Name of translator E-mail address Activity
Choi, JiHui like[dot]a[dot]dust[at]gmail[dot]com 930
Jochen Kemnade jochenkemnade[at]web[dot]de 452
Thomas Kurz thomas[dot]kurz[at]gmx[dot]at 338
Anonymous lkppo[at]free[dot]fr 321
Murilo Vitoria da Silva murilo1979[at]vetorial[dot]net 249
jeffrey steve borbon sanabria jeffreysteve[at]gmail[dot]com 212
Nilza Pereira nilzadp[at]lantic[dot]net 201
Daniel Firlej firlejdaniel[at]wp[dot]pl 159
M.T hippie_1968[at]hotmail[dot]com 156
Paweł Szewczyk funky3l[at]szewczykowie[dot]eu 142
Daniel Espinosa Ortiz esodan[at]gmail[dot]com 122
Ольга Ахмадеева ahmadeeva-ou[at]i-jet[dot]net 112
Samuel Murray afrikaans[at]gmail[dot]com 111
Jón Joensen jon[at]umseting[dot]com 85
Jamin Teo jamin[dot]teo[at]gmail[dot]com 76
Iván Méndez imendez[at]udc[dot]es 74
Miguel Fernandez Martinez miguelvall[at]gmail[dot]com 73
Clytie Siddall clytie[at]riverland[dot]net[dot]au 72
Gerard Meijssen gerard[dot]meijssen[at]gmail[dot]com 58
José João Almeida jj[at]di[dot]uminho[dot]pt 55
Kevin Donnelly kevin[at]dotmon[dot]com 54
wwfifi wwfifi[at]gmail[dot]com 44
Nicole Snoek nsnoek[at]words-up[dot]eu 41
Liesl de Vos liesldevos[at]gmail[dot]com 40
Stanislav kamikad3e[at]gmail[dot]com 39
Jan Pieter Speyart jpspeyart[at]pi[dot]net 38
ALLAIN Mickaël makeperl[at]gmail[dot]com 33
Anindita Basu ab[dot]techwriter[at]gmail[dot]com 27
Carolien de Visser caroliendevisser[at]gmail[dot]com 24
Hélène Marcq marcq[dot]helene[at]gmail[dot]com 23
Anonymous robin_1273[at]hotmail[dot]com 22
Pedro Bragança Tender ptender[at]portasecreta[dot]com 17
Florent Angebault pitchum[dot]pourriel[at]free[dot]fr 16
elizabeth dupreez[dot]elizabeth[at]gmail[dot]com 13
Tony Cerezo cerezo[dot]tony[at]yahoo[dot]fr 11
Uni Johannesen uni[dot]j[at]kallnet[dot]fo 7