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VLC is a software media player. It is a portable multimedia player, encoder, and streamer supporting many audio and video codecs and file formats as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols. It is able to stream over networks and to transcode multimedia files and save them into various different formats. It runs on BeOS, BSD, Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Solaris and Windows CE.

Author: See

Language file information (overview)

  • Number of strings: 4798
  • Number of words: 29765
  • Original file format: POT


The language file of VLC on Pootle was uploaded in October 2009.

* Which version is the latest version of VLC? At time of writing, it was 0.9.0, although the latest downloadable version was 0.8.6. The POT files on was generated from 0.9.5, which can be obtained via Git.

To see how far VLC has been translated into various languages, take a look at their statistics on our Pootle server. Not all languages listed on Pootle are being translated by our translators -- some language files were uploaded for reference purposes only (see “Second-language feature” below).

Procedure for translating VLC

If you want to translate VLC or parts of VLC using our Pootle server, here's the procedure to follow:

1. Check if your language has an existing language maintainer. You can find him and/or any previous translators here:


1.2 In Git, where you can find names of previouis translators in your language's PO file

2.1 If your language has no maintianer, send an e-mail to to let them know that you're busy translating VLC.

2.2 If your language does have a maintianer, send an e-mail to to let them know that you're intending to translate VLC, and send a message to your language's maintainer to offer your assistance. Tell him that you would like to use for translation, and agree with him about how you will cooperate.

3. Please understand that the files hosted on must be processed before the translation can be shared with the VLC people. Processing it is a little confusing at first but it is actually quite easy -- step by step instructions are here. If you want, just ask me to do it for you.

Remember to also send the Decathlon project leader an e-mail of your intention or willingness to help translate VLC (keep me in the loop!).

Tips for translators


Second-language feature

If your English isn't that good, and you wish to translate from another language, or if you want to use a second language as a reference while translating, our Pootle server has the second-language feature enabled. You can view the Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Continental Portuguese, Russian and Simplified Chinese strings while you translate from English.

These languages (except Chinese) are available on the server in read-only format. If you want to help translate them, contact their official translators.

To activate a second source language in Pootle, go to your profile page and select the second language under Alternative Source Language.

Sources for research and stuff

Technical stuff (not really for translators)

Previously, we had 21 different files to translate, even though VLC officially had only one POT file. An explanation of the 21 files, and how to deal with them if you're a translator leader, can be found here.

So although there is only one POT file in VLC, we split it up into 21 files. If the file “interface/GUI.po” is translated, the software will appear nearly fully translated at first glance.

The 21 files could have been translated in any order, but the “interface/” files contained the most common parts of VLC and should be translated first, if possible. The interface files accounted for about half of the total word count.

VLC official l10n info

Already being translated into: af, ar, bn, ca, co, cs, da, de, el, en_GB, es, eu, fa, fi, fr, fur, gl, he, hi, hu, it, ja, ka, ko, lt, lv, ms, my, nb, ne, nl, no, nb, oc, pa, pl, ps, pt_BR, pt_PT, ro, ru, sk, sl, sq, sr, sv, tet, th, tl, tr, zh_CN, zh_TW (including many partial translations).

VLC's official localisation guide -- not everything in this guide is relevant to Decathlon translators because Pootle takes care of many of the technical issues described in this guide.

Attribution for Decathlon translators

Translators' names and e-mail addresses are usually included in the translated files automatically. We also believe that translators should be given credit for their translations.

The following information reflects the situation between January 2008 and July 2009 (we don't keep statistics automatically). The “activity” column represents the number of lines translated or edited.

Name of translator E-mail address Activity
M.T hippie_1968[at]hotmail[dot]com 2550
petr jaeger pjaeger[at]email[dot]cz 2085
Clytie Siddall clytie[at]riverland[dot]net[dot]au 1313
Anisah Kassim anise_ak[at]hotmail[dot]com 979
Robert Buj robert[dot]buj[at]gmail[dot]com 927
Bruno Queiros brunoqueiros[at]portugalmail[dot]com 905
Cindy Trinidad cindytrinidad[at]yahoo[dot]com 796
Lakshminarayanan Balasubramaniam l[dot]balasubramaniam[at]gmail[dot]com 716
Seanán Ó Coistín seananoc[at]gmail[dot]com 715
Daniel Firlej firlejdaniel[at]wp[dot]pl 494
elisheva hershler elisheva[at]hershler[dot]com 455
Zeki Ilker Dogan ilkerdogan07[at]gmail[dot]com 433
Vincenzo Reale smart2128[at]baslug[dot]org 376
Samuel Murray afrikaans[at]gmail[dot]com 340
Jiri Bergman jiri[dot]bergman[at]gmail[dot]com 268
Martynas Barzda martynas[dot]barzda[at]gmail[dot]com 170
Den Adrian dela Cruz dencruise[at]gmail[dot]com 140
Andrea Decorte adecorte[at]fastwebnet[dot]it 93
Yaron Shahrabani sh[dot]yaron[at]gmail[dot]com 66
Trần Thăng Long darkera13[at]gmail[dot]com 64
Bruno Miguel Guerreiro american[dot]jesus[dot]pt[at]gmail[dot]com 59
Fabrizio Restani fabrizio[at]eventincentive[dot]it 57
Carles Muñoz Gorriz carlesmu[at]internautas[dot]org 39
Jose Mario Lizardo jml[dot]translation[at]gmail[dot]com 34
Phan Trong Khanh phantrongkhanh87[at]gmail[dot]com 32
Werner Krause w_kra[at]hotmail[dot]com 30
Jaco Visser vissie365[at]gmail[dot]com 27
Rakesh rockyec78[dot]04[at]gmail[dot]com 21
fdsafdsa fdsafdsa[at]mailinator2[dot]com 20
Paweł Jankowski pawjan1975[at]gmail[dot]com 17
Mikhail Dyomin mdyomin[at]gmail[dot]com 12
Iván Montes drslump[at]pollinimini[dot]net 11
Shai Nave shai[dot]nve[at]gmail[dot]com 11
SINGO THIVHUSIWI singo[at]webmail[dot]co[dot]za 11
Wei Mingzhi whistler[at]openoffice[dot]org 11