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The following software projects fit in nicely with the aims of Decathlon, and for that reason we will actively encourage translators to participate in them. These are also the programs that we'll host on Pootle, where possible.


FreeMind is an easy to use mind mapping and brain storming tool that can also be used for creating charts or organograms. It has been translated into a couple of languages, but more languages will be added through the Decathlon project.

It is potentially useful for students and anyone working in any environment where planning is required (business etc).

Art of Illusion

Art of Illusion is a program for creating three dimensional images and animations. It has been translated into a few languages, but volunteer translators who join the transalte!decathlon effort can help translate it into other languages as well.

This is one of the niche programs in our bouquet. However, once the terminology in this program is created, it will be useful for translating related programs such as DTP applications.


WordPress is a blogging system. For webmasters, it is easy to install, but the company also provides free hosting for avid bloggers. Previous versions of WordPress has been translated into a number of languages, and there is now a new version too.

If you are active in your translation of WordPress, you may even be rewarded with an official WordPress blog for your language, where fellow speakers of your language can download the language pack.


FileZilla is an FTP client. It is small enough to be unencumbered with superfluous features but powerful enough to be useful to most users. FileZilla has been translated into several languages, and Decathlon participants will help translate new languages.

Although modern web browsers can mostly handle FTP tasks, it is still a useful skill for modern internet users to be able to use FTP. And what better offering than an easy-to-use yet powerful program such as FileZilla?

VLC (VideoLan Player)

VLC is a music and video player. It can play an astounding number of formats, and is easy to use. VLC has about 27000 words, but volunteers taking part in Decathlon will translate about 5000 of those, which makes up most of the user interface. VLC has been translated into many languages, and Decathlon will contribute new languages.

A media player must surely be one of the standard programs any computer user has on his machine. VLC is quite user friendly and a lot more powerful than many pre-installed applications, without the geekiness of tools often preferred by power users.

Tux Paint

Tuxpaint is a simple paint program for children (and adults!). It has already been translated into several languages, but translators in new languages can join Decathlon to get Tuxpaint into their languages.

There are a few children's programs available in the opensource world, but Tux Paint has the advantage that it is usually fairly simple to translate. Tux Paint also appeals to users of a very, very young age.


TuxGuitar is a music score editor. It is small program but very userfriendly. TuxGuitar has been translated into a number of languages, and volunteers who sign up with Decathlon can ensure that the program is available in more languages.

This is another of our niche translation projects. We chose this program because it is small and fairly easy to translate, with easy to research terminology, yet it is user-friendly and has good appeal. Translating it may not have a massive impact on speakers of any language, but it will certainly help translators in those languages find their feet easily and quickly.


SpeedCrunch is a scientific calculator. It is fairly small program but it has many useful features. It has not been translated into many languages yet, and the developer is looking forward to more translations.

Not all of SpeedCrunch can currently be translated into Pootle. A large part of the translation is done in a wordprocessing file, and that is good also, because its best to print it out and do some serious research into all the terminology!


OpenProj is a project management program with features very similar to Microsoft Project. The application is written in Java. There is also a paid version available that can be used via a subscription web service, but the opensource version is also fully-featured.


Possible future project. Audacity is a music editor. There are 1636 strings and it is 8505 words long.


Possible future project. Celestia is an educational star gazer. The current language files are not suiteable for localisation, but it is a very useful program to consider translating. There are 735 strings and it is 1870 words long.


Possible future project. Clamwin is an antivirus program for Windows. There is a Linux version also. There are 402 strings, and it is 2004 words long. The localisation system of Clamwin is still in design.

See also:


Possible future project. Many Linux programs (and Windows versions of Linux programs) use the GTK library. It is the GUI component of many programs. There are 1508 strings, and it is 8670 words long.


Possible future project. InfrarRecorder is a CD-burner, but unfortunately works only on Windows. It is 2820 words long.


Possible future project. InnoSetup is a popular installer for Windows. It is 1801 words long.


Possible future project. WxDFast is a download manager. There are 339 strings, and it is 1183 words long.


Possible future project. 7-Zip is a simple but powerful compression (zip/unzip) program. If two people have 7-Zip, they can share their data in 7z format, which compresses much better than the ordinary zip format. 7-Zip has already been translated into several languages, but translators in new languages can join Decathlon to get 7-Zip into their languages.

Although compression tools are often embedded in the operating system, many people still see the usefulness of a separate archiving utility such as WinZip, WinRAR and 7-Zip. It is a must for every computer.