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wxDownload Fast (wxDFast) is a free download manager with chunking, resume and scheduling support. The current version only works on Windows. Linux and Mac OSX versions are in the pipeline.

Author: Max Magalhães Velasques

Language file information

  • Number of strings: 338
  • Number of words: 1182
  • Original file format: Gettext PO


wxDownloadFast is no longer being translated on Pootle. The developer has ceased development on the program.

* Which version is the latest version of wxDownload Fast? See here..

Procedure for translating wxDownload Fast

If you want to translate wxDownload Fast using our Pootle server, here's the procedure to follow:

1. Check if your language has an existing translation. If there is an existing translation, e-mail that translator and offer to help translate wxDownload Fast. Tell them that you'd like to use Pootle, and invite them to contact me.

1.1 A list of existing translations and translators are at the bottom of this page. You can also find the latest information by installing the program and checking the “languages” subdirectory for PO files.

1.2 Remember to check the Pootle server itself to see if the language is already being translated by a Decathlon translator :-)

2. If your language has no translator or translation, send an e-mail to the wxDownload Fast developer to let them know that you want to translate wxDownload Fasat using our Pootle server.

3. Join the wxDownload Fast users' mailing list. Introduce yourself there, tell them what language you intend to translate and that you are going to use Pootle for it.

4. Send me, the Decathlon project leader an e-mail of your intention or willingness to help translate wxDownload Fast. Ask me to add your language and to give you translation rights to it.

Tips for translators


Second-language feature

If your English isn't that good, and you wish to translate from another language, or if you want to use a second language as a reference while translating, our Pootle server has the second-language feature enabled. You can view the existing translations (see at bottom of this page) while you translate from English.

To activate a second source language in Pootle, go to your profile page and select the second language under Alternative Source Language.

Sources for research and stuff

wxDownload Fast's official l10n info

Already translated into: Czech (David Vachulka <david[at]imodelar[dot]cz>), Dutch, French (Martin Ledoux <martinlmtl[at]gmail[dot]com>), German (Stefan Westermann <raskolnikow83[at]gmx[dot]de>, only 38% translated), Indonesian (Arif Rahman <frozenman89[at]gmail[dot]com>, only 86% translated), Polish (Marcin Trybus <mtrybus[at]o2[dot]pl>), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian (Ruslan Fedyarov <fedyarov[at]mail[dot]ru>), Spanish (Carlos Garces <max_mv[at]yahoo[dot]com[dot]br>, only 29% translated), and Turkish (Erhan BURHAN <eburhan[at]gmail[dot]com>). These are the languages that Decathlon will not translate unless cooperation of existing transaltors can be gained. These translators are not affiliated to Decathlon.

If you want to help translate wxDownload Fast into one of the existing languages, contact the current translator.

Please note: If you are an existing translator of wxDownload Fast and you want to use Pootle, you're welcomme to let us know.

Attribution for Decathlon translators

Translators' names and e-mail addresses are usually included in the translated files automatically. We also believe that translators should be given credit for their translations.

The following information reflects the situation between January 2008 and July 2009 (we don't keep statistics automatically). The “activity” column represents the number of lines translated or edited.

Name of translator E-mail address Activity
Chandra Nageswaran channage[at]gmail[dot]com 516
haytham abulela hammam haytham[dot]hammam[at]gmail[dot]com 469
Valters Feists valtersf[at]parks[dot]lv 452
Sergiy Martynenko ramarren[dot]ua[at]gmail[dot]com 423
Jón Joensen jon[at]umseting[dot]com 404
Huda Sarfraz huda[dot]sarfraz[at]gmail[dot]com 397
Shai Nave shai[dot]nve[at]gmail[dot]com 393
Anindita Basu ab[dot]techwriter[at]gmail[dot]com 392
Serhij Dubyk - Сергій Дубик dubyk[at]library[dot]lviv[dot]ua 250
Choi, JiHui like[dot]a[dot]dust[at]gmail[dot]com 160
Siti Rusni Hanafiah Siti[dot]Rusni[at]excite[dot]com 135
Samuel Murray afrikaans[at]gmail[dot]com 106
CORINA STEFANIA DINU sonofrei76[at]gmail[dot]com 105
Stefan Gagner stefan[at]mei-ya[dot]se 98
Maxym Mykhalchuk mihmax[at]gmail[dot]com 58
Dadan Nasrullah de[dot]nasrul[at]gmail[dot]com 52
Tache Ionut Madalin niladam[at]gmail[dot]com 46
petr jaeger pjaeger[at]email[dot]cz 45
Gilen Mejuto gilentxo[at]yahoo[dot]it 45
Liesl de Vos liesldevos[at]gmail[dot]com 31
Tony Pratschke tonypratschke[at]gmail[dot]com 30
Thomas De Rocker thomasderocker[at]hotmail[dot]com 23
M.T hippie_1968[at]hotmail[dot]com 20
Nor Aini Ismam aini_ismam2008[at]hotmail[dot]com 18
S.Fazlulhuda Akmar Binti S.M.Kamaruddin fazlul27[at]yahoo[dot]com[dot]sg 17
Faiçal Marzouq flmarzouq[at]gmail[dot]com 17
Tamara lasalud60[at]yahoo[dot]es 16