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Bug Day for Translate Toolkit 0.8

Note that in this exercise, anybody who uses the toolkit is welcome, not just coders - there is lots that you can do to help!

The secret code name for this bug day is Long walk to Freedom


  • The bug day is Thursday 2nd of February 2006
  • We will pretend to be time zone agnostic, so some people's days won't overlap…
  • Any bug gathering before the day will also be useful as it means the coder types can start work straight away.
  • the code to use is in CVS under the translate-toolkit-0-8-branch branch. It would help if people have access to CVS so they can quickly test fixes, but if that's too difficult we can try release snapshots as the day progresses.
  • We will all gather in the #pootle IRC channel on
  • Bugs should be filed at under “Translate Toolkit”
  • It would be helpful if people could install the test framework: follow the testing instructions


  • a bug is filed
  • if possible, a unit test is coded to reproduce what is causing that bug at the lower level
  • if it is determined that this should be fixed for 0.8, a milestone will be test
  • developers will feverishly try to fix all bugs set for 0.8, with tests
  • IRC will be useful for communicating during all of this.
  • There's a bugdaytest script in src/tools/ which will cvs up, run tests, and upload them to


  • David Fraser
  • Dwayne Bailey
  • Friedel Wolff
  • Oscar Manuel Gómez Senovilla


A great leap forward! See the summary on David's blog.