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Bug day 2008-06-20

Note that in this exercise, anybody who uses the Translate Toolkit and/or Pootle is welcome, not just coders - there is lots that you can do to help!

The secret code name for this bug day is Zootle


We want to welcome anybody interested in helping out in our project. Many of us will be in the IRC channel #pootle on

  • We want to solve a few bugs in bugzilla (probably those for milestone 1.2 - but you can help with anyone you want).
  • We want to fix a few broken unit tests.
  • We want to test the new Pootle code in trunk (indexing, alternative language translation, etc.)


Here are some ways of contributing. Feel free to contribute in your own way.

You might want to have a look at the scripts in the src/tools directory in SVN - there are a few specially for helping out in the bugday.

The newest Pootle code is available for testing at this address: Anything is allowed there. If you want rights as site administrator / language administrator for the testing server - just ask :-)


Add your name here if you want to join. Optionally add your IRC name if you will be in #pootle.

  • Friedel (friedelwolff)
  • Wynand (Winterstream)
  • Walter (walter_l)
  • Lars (sumpfralle)