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Coding Guidelines

This page includes the coding guidelines we try to follow through the Translate project.

Python Code

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Directory Layout

For any given project, proj, we use the following files and directories (under the main project directory) for the given purposes:

  • proj/ - The sub-directory with the same name as the project, containing the program's source tree. The directory structure below this level depends on the project.
  • devsupport/ - This is where any source files should go that are used during development or optional at runtime. Profiling and specific utility code should go here.
  • share/proj/ - Any resource files that should be installed (typically in /usr/share/proj/ on *nix), but are not source files. For example GUI files, icons, data files.
  • - The main execution script. (This will likely change in the future)
  • - Build- and installation script for the project using the distutils package and optionally InnoSetup.

Notes on this proposed layout:

  • These are guidelines and should always be considered within the scope of the project it applies to.
  • Documentation for all projects are strongly preferred to be saved on this wiki. See the documentation for other projects as example.
  • All the mentioned files are version controlled. Any other appropriate directories/files may be used without version control as long as it does not affect the source or stability of the project.