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Pootle Windows Installation Instructions

  1. Download and install the following files (but only those you don't have already):
  2. Install Kid:
    1. Open it and extract the kid-0.9.3 directory using 7-Zip or similar product
    2. Download and overwrite (where necessary) the following files into the extracted kid-0.9.3 directory:
    3. Edit the script using your favourite editor (such as jEdit) and change the following line:


    4. Open the command line (Click Start → Click Run → Type “cmd” (without quotes) → Click Ok)
    5. Change your working directory to the kid-0.9.3 directory. For example, if your kid-0.9.3 directory is located in the c:\ then type:
      cd c:\kid-0.9.3
    6. Type the following to run the setup script using Python:
      python install
  3. Copy all the files inside the following directory:

    to this directory:

  4. Open the command line (Click Start → Click Run → Type “cmd” (without quotes) → Click Ok)
  5. Type the following command to start the server:
    python c:\python24\scripts\pootleserver

(Please note that this is assuming you installed python as C:\Python24; if you used a different location, please change the paths above accordingly.)