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Charl's TODO

Current Website Work

In order from highest to lowest priority.

  1. Shop (570 mins)
    • Cleanup product list page (105 mins)
      • Remove customer vote and rating bits (15 mins)
      • Remove virtumart logo
      • Make price cleaner, less clutered eg “R150 (incl. VAT)” (30 mins)
      • Made better “Add to Cart” button and “No image available” placeholder (60 mins)
    • Cleanup product detail page (105 mins)
      • Remove manufacturer and vendor links (15 mins)
      • Remove customer review section
      • Remove virtumart logo
      • Needs similar navigation at the top so someone could go back eg Home > Shop > Products > SA Keyboard v 1.0 (90 mins)
    • Make entry and navigation more logical (360 mins)
      • Navbar tells you where you are ie Home > Products > Software > Mozilla (30 mins)
      • Products Content Section - Short and Long Displays (30 mins)
      • Download Button Mambot (60 mins)
      • Add to Cart Button Mambot (Integrated with VirtueMart) (60 mins)
      • Download Icon Mambot (30 mins)
      • Add to Cart Icon Mambot (Integrated with VirtueMart) (30 mins)
      • VirtueMart Continue Browsing Button points back to Content Section (15 mins)
      • Product icons on front page (60 mins)
      • Shopping Cart to the Right of Pathway (45 mins)
  2. FAQ (60 mins)
    • Random FAQ Item on Homepage
    • Link to FAQ from Main Menu
    • Display Categorised FAQ Items
  3. Joomla Upgrade (45 mins)
    • Backup of existing site (5 mins)
    • Upgrade from 1.0.8 to 1.0.10 (10 mins)
    • Fix VirtueMart's Login Form (30 mins)
  4. Contribute Section (30 mins)
    • Contribute Content Section - Short and Long Displays (30 mins)
  5. Keyboard (30 mins)
    • Link to setup instructions (Windows) (DB to provide) DB added
    • Seperate ability to download only the fonts (Mainly for Linux or Mac users)
    • Can download and print a PDF quick reference guide (DB to provide)
    • Can add to basket to buy keyboard software
    • Add keyboard icon on front page
  6. Spell checker (60 mins)
    • Fix table layout (30 mins)
    • Complete Download Page (30 mins)
  7. Firefox (60 mins)
    • Download Page (60 mins)
  8. Thunderbird (60 mins)
    • Download Page (60 mins)
  9. News (250 mins)
    • Mailing List Integration (10 mins)
    • Import old news (210 mins)
    • Make old blog links redirect to Joomla content (30 mins)

Next batch

Job #3

  • Localise website (est: 3 hrs)
    • Interface localised/localisable
    • Content localised/localisable
    • MAYBE: make it possible to localise Joomla using Pootle
  • Google Sitemaps (est: 30 mins)
  • News (est: 10 mins)
    • RSS feed of current news
    • Newsletters
      • Place pervious newsletters online
  • Product
    • Spell checker
      • Online spell checker (est: 10 hrs)
        • Missing words get added to local dictionary for later review, are not used in live spell checking
        • Must be MySpell/Hunspell based
        • We should reuse other peoples code not write our own (see links below)
        • It must be reimplementable by others with instructions
        • If possible we should run from a nightly build of the checker
      • Online missing word submission (est: 45 mins)
        • Users should be able to upload their MS Office or additional words
        • Or they can type them into a box
        • User should be able to retreive mispelled words and give correction and reason
        • Nothing fancy - no DB. Just a list of words that can be reviewed by a human later for inclusion.
      • Product list on front page has a 'Live' link to take users to the spell checker page (est: 5 mins)
      • Contributors page has links to submissions and live checker (est: 5 mins)
      • Add forgot password feature to VirtueMart login page (est: 10 mins)
      • Display price on product pages (est: 30 mins)

Other Work

  • Wiki
  • Bugzilla - setup for South African products, Mozilla,, spell checkers, etc

Website Scratchpad

  • News
    • Integrate phpList mailing list into site
  • Products
    • Featured Products
    • Product Detail pages
      • Needs some sort of template for easily adding products
      • List related products in the shop (eg OOo boxed set, OOo 1.1 CD). Might have to reintroduce product categories in line with this so its automatic
      • Torrent downloads
      • Add Spellcheckers
        • Can add missing words
      • Add keyboard
        • Setup instructions (Windows)

Front Page Layout

Featured Product Contribute
Products Featured News articles
Latest News Syndicated News

Its not the spacing of blocks that matters as much as understanding the general layout:


Small functional. Includes links to sections, search bar and future language switcher

Featured Product

Most Prominant Feature. Can detect OS etc from users browser. Gives short blurb on product. Has links to BUY, DOWNLOAD, MORE INFO and alternate language downloads if needed/possible


Tells people how they can get involved. Eg translate, add words to spell checker, program, QA


This stretches down the left hand side. Large bold icons for each product. Click on the link takes you to more info on that prodcut. If not too crowded allow people to directly download or buy.

Featured News Article

Site news that is uber good. So one max two articles. They should not detract from the product list on the left. Maybe smaller fonts or some way to seperate them. Headline for article and leader. With Read More link.

Latest News/Syndicated News

The appear below the Featured News Articles - they sit next to each other. Syndicated new probably called other industry news. This has headlines and date for article (25 Jun) Max three per column.


Links to copyright statement

Product Page Layout

Product Icon/Picture Product One paragraph Blurb {DOWNLOAD}
Deatils {BUY}
More details and pictures {SUPPORT}
  1. Product Icon/Picture
    • The logo or a picture of the product on top left of screen
  2. Blurb
    • A one paragraph catchy blurb
  3. Details
    • Free flow whatever we want with picture etc
    • All things related to downloading
    • Use the some system as our featured product to guess the platform and thus give a good option for downloading
    • Standard link to other platform downloads
    • Links to other downloads eg Venda fonts if you don't want the whol installer
  5. BUY
    • Title of product, price
    • Possibly blurb if its not too wordy
    • Can click on add to basket button (ideally this should not move the user to the shop)
  6. {SUPPORT}
    • Links to guide or installation instructions very free layout.