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CIA integration

Allow Pootle to create CIA event messages so that a Pootle server could report events to CIA and a CIA bot could report Pootle activity on a channel.


Background on CIA

CIA is a system that can track commits, etc using various client scripts. Thus creating a repository of messages from projects.

These messages are delivered to mainly IRC channels through CIA bots that are logged into the channel and can filter out the relevant messages for the channel member.

So for our projects we have a client script on sourceforge. This sends all of our commit events to In our #pootle we have a CIA bot which provides us with only commits relevant to our community.

The Idea

Create a client script for Pootle. This would report all Pootle activity to CIA. This activity could include:

  • Translations: suggestions, translations, etc
  • Updates
  • New: projects, languages, members
  • Messages: changes on a Pootle messages related to a project

With events reported to CIA the next aspect would be looking at the CIA bots and filters. The idea being that we should be able to create a default ruleset that would allow a channel to choose the types of messages that they would like to receive. This might even allow a translator to go directly to the source of the message, i.e. a suggestion message could link directly to the suggestion where the translator could accept or reject it.


  • Quick easy communication to translators
  • Translation community to link information from many Pootle servers
  • Quick response to reviews and changing project needs/emergencies.

What this is not

This is not designed to allow management of Pootle from IRC, although that would be a good idea in that it would allow rejection or acceptance of suggestions from within IRC.