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Dwayne's TODO

Ask me don't add. This is my scratchpad.

  • Pootle CIA integration


  • spec:
  • Roadmap
  • Plan for June (Rights/Process)


  • Carry over from last week
  • Assist with test_* for XLIFF work from Friedel



  • On leave



  • Bug hunting
  • Upload/merging spec
  • Mozilla roundtripping


  • Investiage ZA live Pootle site
  • Play with Pootle (finding bugs)
  • Work on templates


  • html2po
  • SANGONeT plennary talk


  • Run: find . -name “km” to find instances where Khmer has customised stuff
  • Databases: extras/source/database
    • ZA Postal Codes
    • Others?
  • Wordbook extras/source/wordbook
    • Add some ZA specific stuff that we don't want in the dic
  • Fonts
    • Add all and any fonts that can display Venda
  • Colour Palletes: extras/source/palettes
    • We might want to disable or rename some that are brand specific eg Remove Sun N and add OpenOffice N for the OOo colours
      • .soc = colurs
      • .sod = line styles
      • .soe = arrows
      • .sog = gradients
      • .soh = cross-hatching
    • Have we localised these?
  • Gallery: extras/source/gallery
    • Not sure but maybe adding more clipart
  • Templates and stuff: ./extras/source/templates/wizard and ./extras/source/templates/presnt
  • Icons for Bold, Italic and friends: ./default_images/res/commandimagelist/km/ and ./ooo_custom_images/hicontrast/res/commandimagelist/km and ./ooo_custom_images/industrial/res/commandimagelist/km


Label data is stored in /usr/lib/openoffice.org2.0/share/registry/data/org/openoffice/Office/Labels.xcu

By using File → New → Labels to get the labels dialogue, you can create your own labels. These are then stored in:

It seems that you can create custom labels files, these look like .ini files See: $SOURCE/extras/source/misc_config/lang/en-GB/labels.ini

I am not sure how the language specific definitions here relate to the .xcu file mentioned earlier. I don't seem to find any locale overrides. Which would be nice as I don't think ZA users need to see German labels.


  • Need to add instructions to Wiki
  • Build a simple spreadsheet based approach and will generate the .ini file (or at least parts of it)

Pulling Label definitions from MS Office

Most of the label info I've seen involved a .reg file to set the numbers within Office. Silly but yeah that's the way MS users have been taught to think. An idea might be to extract the custom labels to a file. Then load the reg file and then finally extract them again. That way you only get the difference.

I would do this in Python using OLE. This page give an idea of the info that you can extract from the CustomLabel class:

Can you automatically extract stuff from the registery like you can install? Here is the registery location we need:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\9.0\Word\Custom Labels

The number changes depending on the Office version. 9.0 is 2000, 10.0 is XP I think and 11.0 is 2003

South African labels


You can add 3 types:

  1. Substitution ie replace x with y -- useful for Afrikaans 'n as this allows us to have smart single quotes but to ensure 'n is correctly quoted. I've validated this and it works.
  2. Fullstop not end of sentence -- e.g. Adv. van Wyk ensures that OOo does't try to capitalise the v of van Wyk thinking its the start of a sentence.
  3. Words with initial capitals -- e.g. CDs, normallt OOo will change this to Cds i.e. drop the second capital. This allows us to make sure we keep the capitals correct.

Check Friedels nots on this. Maybe look at using the spell checker framework to extract these items.

  • AutoCorrect - check and document


  • Images: ./default_images/res/helpimg/km/ or


Seems that you can create custom key bindings in the various applications. Wonder if this would work where you could get OOo to support a Microsoft keyboard? Or even to make OOo work EXACTLY how an MS Office user would expect.

  • ./sw/uiconfig/swriter/accelerator/en-US/default.xml


  • Allow removal of one file to remove keyboard. Currently requires multpile interventions
  • Create PDF manual for download

Tying Tutor

Include a typing tutor so you can learn how to use the keyboard

See also: