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GSoC 2008 - George Y. Kussumoto

Links & Reference:

Application Status (Patches):

Description Status Patch Related
Support previous msgid In Progress Bug#257
po2xliff should handle msgctxt In Progress Bug#258
Add suppot for previous messages in xliff & poxliff In Progress Bug#441
po2xliff & xliff2po should handle previous messages/alt-t… In Progress Link Bug#442
pot2po should support previous messages In Progress Bug#443
pomerge should support previous messages In Progress Bug#444
Accessor for libgettextpo version Done Link
Switch to using cPO (libgettextpo) instead of pypoAssigned Bug#296

Feedback, Reviews & Suggestions:
Who Description
georgeykFeel free to fill this table ;D


→ implement support for previous messages: currently I'm implementing xliff stuff and tests for all changes.


→ & initial implementation of previous messages

→ added new option --keep-previous

→ added a simple to test previous messages

→ small improvement in the code readability Here

→ added libgettextpo_version function and a proposal of fix to PO notes Here

→ The previous message patch was splitted in bugs 257, 441, 442, 443 and 444. Each one will contain an individual patch.

→ Now using Rietveld for reviewing: CPO support for previous messages, pot2po should support previous messages, Accessor for libgettextpo version

→ The libgettextpo version patch was commited. Here

→ Small updates in my personal repository

→ Added patch for po2xliff & xliff2po: support context strings & added ids to context-group names

→ First ideas in cpo memory leak issue

→ Added a speculative patch for cpo memory leak.

→ Added a some tests workarounds in cpo memory leak patch

→ I still get some erros in the location string when using my patch for cpo memory leak. It seems to be a bug when libgettextpo writes the message (since in the library side it receives the correct line number).

→ Added a comment in bug #297

→ Fixed addlocation method in patch