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Twodew (to do)

This is a personal page with lists of things to do and lists of useful personal links. mission statement

This is my mission within within Pootle and the translate toolkit:

Translate various applications that meet's golden rules into Afrikaans. With the goal of firstly, gaining knowledge of and stressing the tools and secondly, growing in knowledge about the various open source communities and projects.

Where in the first goal I will: choose various tools and techniques using the toolset in each of the different projects. For example choosing to use oo2xliff to stress the XLIFF implementation for projects. This should highlight: deficiencies, expose bugs and allow for better documentation of process.

In the second goal the aim is to understand the process of using version control, interacting with upstream projects, etc. Always being aware that the gaining of knowledge about how to do things should be weighed against gaining a higher understanding of how to do things better. i.e. understanding a projects process is not the same as gaining a deeper understanding of how process should be changed to lower the barrier to entry and improve localisation quality.

Toolkit testing checklist

A list of more critical tools to evaluate, it doesn't exclude the others but these are important.

  • oo2xliff
  • po2xliff
  • XLIFF tested using editing tools to check that we're doing stuff right
  • TMX check our output by processing in tools that can use TMX
  • TBX - our implementation is very basic
  • Pootle
    • As a translation tool
      • Using PO
      • Using XLIFF
    • In download upload context i.e. not translating online (Both PO and XLIFF)
    • Using the filters
    • Goals and assigns (contrived but we need to know the problems especially any with XLIFF)
    • Suggestions
  • pot2po
  • pofilter
  • Other filters…



  1. Complete TB and OOo GUI t9n
  2. Write workflows for initrans and other tools