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Action Plan

  1. Check all is in place ready to be migrated ✓
  2. Import all the repos (00:00 GMT) ✓
  3. Push them all to GH (00:06 GMT) ✓
  4. Switch off SVN and put an informative note in SF (00:08 GMT) ✓
  5. Configure GH repositories (00:15 GMT) ✓
    1. Disable: wikis, issues and GH pages ✓
    2. Hooks: Email ( ✓, (can be done later) ✓
  6. Write to the mailing lists informing about the repository changes (00:25 GMT) ✓

Things that can be done later:

  • Replace all the SVN references:
    • wiki docs ✓
    • any READMEs or files included in repositories ✓
  • Importing svn:ignore ✓
  • Ohloh ✓
  • Revision links in Bugzilla

Wiki docs that need updating

Process Policies

  • Bugs go into
  • Code goes into
  • Downloads go into
  • Website goes into
  • Docs go into

Pull requests

  • Pull requests are requests to include a series of commits (patches) from a forked repository into another repository (usually a main repository)
  • Encourage people to create their own forks and work on separate branches
  • Pull requests are handled through the GH web interface
    • When a pull request is accepted, it's automatically merged into the main repository
    • Any clones of the main repository will receive the changes when pulling