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Google Summer of Code 2010

Do you want to support Free Software and uplift billions of people by empowering translators?

More about the Translate project

This is a home for translators and developers who want to uplift the languages of the world. Many of the project developers are also involved in building spell checkers and other human language technologies. This is a project born in Africa, and is now helping translation teams all over the world to translate faster and with better tools.

Our project started by providing easier workflow to translators of Mozilla and, allowing them to use more advanced translation tools. We provide tools for automated quality assurance for translation, translation of ODF files, and easy management of large projects. Some of our previous Summer of Code students have become major contributors to our project.

We want to take our project to the next level with powerful language technology, awesome interfaces, amazing productivity for translators of all languages. Above all, we want to do our part to help languages flourish on the web and other technologies.

Quick links:

  • Pootle - our web based system for translation management and online translation. Used by, Mozilla, OLPC (Sugarlabs), Debian, LXDE and numerous others.
  • Virtaal - our powerful standalone tool for computer aided translation, including powerful features such as translation memory, machine translation and terminology assistance.
  • The Translate Toolkit - the technology platform for Pootle, Virtaal and many other localisation tools. It contains our core technologies for format support, natural language technology, and many useful tools and converters powering teams for Mozilla, and many others.

Why you should choose the Translate Project

There are many reasons why you will want to be part of our project.

Touch people's lives

Our project helps localisers bring software to the world. Not only do our tools touch millions of words of translations eventually reaching the eyeballs of many users of Free Software, but our tools help many projects to make the world a better place, such as Tor (privacy), OLPC (education) and Sahana (disaster management) who are using Pootle.

Do what you want

  • Get involved in library / command line development (Translate Toolkit), web based action (Pootle) or rich client side programming with GTK+ (Virtaal).
  • Interested in translation, file formats, network protocols, natural language processing? Our project will be a natural home to you.
  • We use excellent and popular programming tools and platforms (Python, GTK+, Django).

How you will grow

See how we take your software places. Our software is

  • Cross platform - see how we package for different platforms and how we support many browsers
  • Multilingual - learn how to ensure the software supports many languages. Right-to-left like Arabic - no problem. Complex text layout - our pleasure.