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This is a gathering place for ideas discussion. Please add an ideas page and link to it from here. When ideas are turned into actual specifications and implemented they can form part of the roadmap.

There is no limitation on what can constitute and idea entry. But obviously if you are also intending to implement the idea or can take it fully to a specification then you stand a much better chance of seeing your idea finally implemented and available to the broader community.

  • Merge with versioncontrol -- moving the merge code from Pootle to the Toolkit
  • Consider using optparse_gui for Toolkit commands to provide GUIs for Toolkit tools.
  • Automated testing - checkout from Subversion and run tests regularly - see patchwatcher
  • Single Tab Translation system - Suggestion to implement a feature in Pootle to allow hitting the TAB button once after typing in the translation to highlight the Submit button directly. This would allow for a more efficient way of translating and tabbing to the next translation. Works this way since Pootle 2.0
  • Possibility to manage translation of ini-files with strings like:

COM_ADMIN=“Admin-System informationer”


eg. for the Joomla! project.