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Migrate Pootle away from jToolkit

The information on this page is kept for historical interest. Pootle is in the process of being ported to Django. See The Great Pootle Migration.

Since the jToolkit is not under active development anymore, it is necessary to move Pootle to a modern web framework.

Possible alternatives

Current dependencies on jToolkit

  • serving web sites
    • templates
    • session management
  • handling of preferences
  • spell checking (historically)
  • sending mails
  • time based caching
  • file locking
  • some tests

Migration tasks

  • new testing framework (probably rewrite; maybe based on python unittest and Twill)
  • integrate a new spell checker
  • move non-core features to the translate-toolkit (e.g. merging translations from different sources)
  • user preferences (probably connected to the openid project; maybe based on ConfigObj)
  • server configuration (maybe with ConfigObj):
    • properties of projects and languages
    • descriptions
    • file locations, …
  • web server / application server:
    • page generation (e.g. using kid)
    • authentication (probably done with openid in separate project)
    • session management (language negotiation, cookies, …)
    • mime types
    • url handling

Random thoughts

  • the migration of the web server to another framework seems to be the biggest single task - it should be hard to do this incrementally (if that is necessary)
  • the inter-dependence of the openid project and the framework migration increases the complexity