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Overview page mockups

Below is the second iteration of the Overview page mockup (the Project/folder/file browser) that is designed to replace current Overview, Translate and Review tabs. I tried to address the issues provided by Dwayne Bailey below (such issues are marked with strike-through style), as well as other feedback gathered so far. See also my inline comments marked with [IA].

[click these image until you get a full-res version; open two images in adjacent browser tabs to switch between them]

Collapsed view (default):

Expanded translation statistics:


  1. Note that even files have their Overview page. This allows one to bookmark individual file stats and see the list of contributors on per-file basis.
  2. Progress bars have different width proportional to the 100% width of the current (container) project or folder.
  3. All links from the stats blocks ('Translation Progress', 'Pending Suggestions', 'Failed Checks') lead to the translation page with the filter set.
  4. Items in 'Failed Checks' are grouped into sets of four items and can span several columns or align into one to adjust for browser window width and localization.
  5. 'Translate' tab now serves as a translation mode (if you switch to this tab by clicking on it, you will just see all the units for the given project, folder or file.
  6. For consistency and better usability, one should be able to download all .XLIFF files at once for offline translation (as a ZIP), and upload such ZIP with the translated files at once back to server (the .XLIFF files should be applied based on their names, including the folder structure). When clicking on the upload link, the upload form is displayed as a popup(lightbox) dialog.
  7. VCS commit/update is done via AJAX; the result of the operation is displayed in a popup(lightbox) dialog.

Observations: Dwayne Bailey

These are my thoughts and comments. Just remove the comment if the issue gets addressed in the desgin.

  1. We need to be able to translate everything and view all currently translated items. So total words and translated words should also be clickable
  2. The top level seems a bit crowded and I worry it is too confusing for new users. It includes: Fuzzy/Untranslated, Pending and Checks. Can't we merge that into 1 item 'words that need attention'. The expansion then provides more detail.
  3. The interface still doesn't provide feedback about what you should be doing. OK for an experienced user. But could we not put something above the 'current folder name' block that focuses on setting direction. So sentences like: '25 units are failing quality checks', '13 suggestions need review', etc. This might be something that should go on the users own Overview page and contain things like '1 translator needs your approval to join the XXX project' i.e. a todo list.
  4. LIKE: the fact that the progress bars are proportional. This really helps you see if it is more or less work.
  5. CHECK: Two use cases need to be checked that I often am looking at:
    1. Where can I get quick wins. This might be a case where units, instead of words, is important. But if I can translate 1 thing to get to 100% that's good.
    2. What thing needs the most work and how much work is that. [IA - I think that proportional bars and the ability to sort the table address both issues]

Version Control

  1. We probably want to see how we would indicate the following issues related to VC.
    1. The current file is older then current template or the directory contains such out of date files i.e. you might want to 'update from templates' on this file or directory.
    2. A version of the file in VC is newer then the one in Pootle i.e. you might want to update from VC.
  2. Drop revision number: with states we wouldn't need it, it's quite technical and with Mercurial or Git its a strange Changset number.

Admin File and Overview

  1. Could these not be merged? All the tasks such as VC update, template update could be done in the overview.

Outlandish ideas

Things to dream about

  1. If I'm an admin or manager I'd like to know where the most activity is happening. So a heat map of activity related to: where people on the team are working, the place where most of the template updates have happened in the last while, etc [IA - That's not really a part of the current browse mode task redesign, but rather candidates for top-level statistics available somewhere from the first page. See e.g. examples of such statistics generated for Evernote translation project: Project/Language Summary and Pootle Activity ]
  2. I'd like to be able to filter this view based on people or events. I.e. can I filter this view based on contribution by XXX so that all states then reflect their work. Or can I filter it to show all units changed after a certain date e.g. I want to see everything that changes since previous GNOME release so that I can do a review. [IA - Project activity is represented via related News block (same as on the first Pootle page). There will be links from these news to particular users pages with all the user-related stats there. User/social improvements are planned for Pootle 2.3]

Observations: Friedel

Here is some feedback from me. Lots of things can be learnt of course, so things don't necessarily need to change. I'm just writing as I think of things.

  1. There is a lot of really useful information here.
  2. We should keep in mind that the new descriptions are implemented to possibly display at each project, language or project/language combination. They aren't indicated on the mockups, since they were only implemented in May 2012.
  3. In general, I would say it is a bit overwhelming. I would lie if I say it is cluttered, but it is definitely far more dense than what we have now.
  4. I'm not sure if I'm identifying it correctly, but it feels like there is too much text. I can't say that anything specific will be better without the text. The icons are really nice, and the actions are too abstract (and dangerous) to indicate without text anyway. The text under “current_folder_name” is maybe contributing to my feeling. Someone will have to read it to really get the information. It is not easily available at a glance, whereas the stuff in the bottom table is. Since this project will be displayed elsewhere in such a table, this might not be a real problem.
  5. I missed the link to expand the details of the quality checks. It actually looked a bit like a tick. It would be easy to learn this, of course.
  6. I don't see any easy way to sort things by work done - only by “needs translation”. Maybe this is actually not actually required. I'll have to think a bit more.
  7. The News and Alerts box probably duplicates the news tab. I guess the idea is to have some on the main page with more on the news tab (and the ability to create new items)
  8. I like the proportional bars. I would consider scaling them so that the longest child is at 100% though, otherwise all of them might end up being very small with many files/directories
  9. Nitpicks: I'm not sure this allows for long file/directory names. Unfortunately these exist. A few examples:
    1. (here the long name is a project, but it could easily have been a sub directory)
  10. Performance. There is a lot of info necessary to build this page, and we can't postpone the quality checks like we do at the moment. Currently, if you browse to a new project, it might need to parse files to give you word counts and completion information. Quality checks and information on suggestions are postponed until you go to the Review page,I think. With this design (and the current code) all of that needs to happen at the time that someone goes into the project to have a quick look (2 clicks from the front page). It is very useful, but quite expensive to generate for someone with just a passing interest to see what is happening. I'm not sure what kind of balance we should try to strike here, but I don't think it will be nice if this page takes 2 minutes to generate. It should be fast afterwards, of course.