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This page tracks immediate tasks related to the upcoming release of Pootle as well as tasks thought for the future.

Help us test by running through these common tasks.

Pootle 2.2

These tasks are considered release blockers, so Pootle 2.2 won't be released until these features/fixes are completed.

  • Renewed editor, with ajax-based navigation, editing and filtering options.
  • Translation Memory support
    • Remote: amaGama integration (purely front end)
    • Local: based on search index (big task but well isolated task, can be started when in beta phase)
  • Ajax progress bar/spinner for expensive operations (file uploads, file exports, update from templates, first parse, stats calculation, version control) (1571)
  • Improve page load performance by minifying JavaScript and CSS code, reducing response times (could be applied to HTML in some cases, too).
    • Use CSS image sprites
  • Revive Glossary functionality (seems broken in current trunk)
    • Review layout of the Glossary management page.

Cleanup and nice to have stuff

These tasks are not required for the next release of Pootle, hence they don't have high priority. Nonetheless, it would be fine to have them in.

  • 3 way merge (small task)
  • Fuzzy matching on uploads and updates not just update from templates (small task)
  • Highlight variables and making then insertable with a click (small task)
  • Update contributor statistics when doing uploads
  • Manual file/project/language locking — useful for offline translation
  • Clean up and refactor django templates (big but can be in beta phase)
  • Performance (big but can be in beta phase)
    • More template snippet cache
    • Minimize queries
    • Minimize models loaded in memory
  • Tests (that's just here out of piousness)
    • Better coverage
  • New translate page degrades gracefully when JavaScript is missing (how big is this task?)

Pootle 2.3

  • Redesign layout for user and TM suggestions (1726)
  • Customisation of the editor in a per-unit basis.
  • Administration improvements
    • Setup version control from web interface
  • Social features and fancy gravatars
  • Revise layout/unify “Translate”, “Review”, and “General” tabs.
  • Revise Glossary functionality to make it more attractive, intuitive and useful.



  • Insert xml, variable, url, email, etc. placeables interactively
  • Support xliff placeables via curly brace placeholders
  • Rich editing widget with full placables and terminology support
  • Remote terminology
  • Translation phases/review workflow
  • Goals
  • Assignments
  • Saved advanced search/filtering
  • Unit edit history (wiki style revisions/diffs)
  • Track user activity
  • Better translation teams
  • Widgets (user rank, language/project stats, contribute button)
  • Monolingual formats without a stong ID
  • Better terminology
  • Terminology compliance quality checks
  • Highlight quality checks errors