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Translate page design

This page is part of the section on Pootle's design. We want to communicate the same identity on the translate page that we have on the whole server, but the translate page is also special in a few ways:

  • It is the place where most users will be spending most of their time.
  • A lot of pages in Pootle serves merely to bring users to the translate page. The translate page tries to keep users assuming that translation and review is what they are using Pootle for.
  • Whereas most of the rest of Pootle is informative read-only pages, this is a content creation page.
  • The translate page is “heavy” in the sense that it contains at least two languages (possibly three if there is another UI language), possibly different scripts, and is the culmination of most of of Pootle's translation and review functionality.

These translate into the following principles:

  • Productivity is the main goal
  • We don't want users to sacrifice translation quality
  • We want to provide many features in a way that will actually help users rather than scare them away

Therefore we consider the following useful goals, also based on our experience with Virtaal:

  • Optimising for the most frequent use cases
  • There should be little or no necessity for the mouse
  • The most important information must be visible by default
  • Only relevant widgets should be shown
  • Maximum functionality without setup and configuration

Therefore we will optimise the amount of translation text that is visible on a screen. Being able to see lots of context rows above and below the current editing row provides the best translation context. We should support files with lots of short strings, and files with long paragraphs in units, such as some websites.

Terminology is one of the most loved features of Pootle. We should anticipate suggestions for several, even multiword terms (up to about 50 characters). A definition or comment can accompany each term.