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Planning for Pootle 2.1

Pootle 2.1 is aimed to be a stable release specifically for Debian 6.0 (Squeeze). Current estimates are that Debian Testing will freeze at the end of May or in June 2010*. We should aim for a release in the second week of May 2010. String freeze should be no later than 3 May - a few days earlier would be ideal.

Quick fixes for a beta

  • Terminology template cleanup
  • translation project template cleanup
  • XLIFF import
  • XLIFF export
  • Updating stats cache on unit change
  • updating search index on unit change
  • Force reindexing of Xapian (+Lucene?) on upgrade
  • Import of old suggestions on upgrade (.pending files)

Bigger outstanding tasks

  • Version control update/merging correctness
  • MT styling
  • Translate page styling
  • Other MT possibilities
  • Web-based checkout


  • Check toolkit build id and update checks if needed
  • Unit states should be a text field to support xliff states better
  • Don't ship with Pootle project enabled, but rather maybe with more in the tutorial
  • Show units in context