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Human Interface Guidelines for Pootle

This page gives an indication of some things to remember when working on the Pootle user interface. Some of the guidelines will be limited to the English version of Pootle only.

See also

  • styling - notes on the correct use of CSS
  • GNOME HIG - The starting point of our HIG

What this tries to answer

  • Capitalisation in English strings
  • Wording of button labels, tabs, etc.
  • Expected browser support, screen sizes


Banner links Title case
Column table headings Title case
Footer links Title case
Explanatory label (like the legend descriptions) sentence case
Statistics summary sentence case
Tooltips sentence case
Buttons Title case
Tab headings Title case
Tab descriptions sentence case


These are some word choices to take note of:

  • Admin - fine? (ambiguous between administrate and administrator, and we don't have msgctxt really)
  • rights → permissions

GUI elements

Tab headings and tab descriptions should be avoided. The Tab and its content should be self explanatory and related.

Radio buttons should be concise with more verbose information in the tooltip if necessary. TODO

Button text: Imperative verb. (Indicate the action that will be performed / result that will be achieved ?)

Browser support

Ideally we should support as many browsers as we can, but CSS and Javascript compatibility might mean that we have to limit where we spend our time. RTL support in some browsers (especially old versions) are not great, so we might want to only ensure that LTR is working well for them (since RTL users might have upgraded for other reasons anyway).

Firefox Very important - biggest userbase
IE Important, especially version 7 and higher. RTL and CSS subtleties in version 6 is hard and might not always be worth it.
Chrome / Safari / Konqueror Webkit is the third most important rendering engine, and doesn't usually give much trouble
Opera Although not very popular with users, it is easy to test Pootle with it