Translate Toolkit & Pootle

Tools to help you make your software local

User Tools

  • setup version control from web interface
  • insert xml, variable, url, email, etc. placeables interactively
  • support xliff placeables via curly brace placeholders
  • rich editing widget with full placables and terminology support
  • translation memory
    • from units in db
    • tmdb
    • remote tm (opentran)
  • remote terminology
  • machine translation
  • translation phases/review workflow
  • goals
  • assignments
  • saved advanced search/filtering
  • unit edit history (wiki style revisions/diffs)
  • track user activity
  • better translation teams
  • widgets (user rank, language/project stats, contribute button)
  • monolingual formats without a stong ID
  • better terminology
  • terminology compliance quality checks
  • highlight quality checks errors