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Pootle Party 2009 is planning to host a Pootle developers meeting in South Africa for interested developers to attend. It will mostly involve hacking and socialising. There are currently two possible dates:

  • 20-23 March 2009
  • 17-20 April 2009

The meeting will most likely take place at the offices of in Pretoria with opportunities to visit some sights in Pretoria before / during / after the event. If you have time we recommend that you stay on and visit the site in South Africa (its out of season and the weather is good).

No registration fee will be charged for attending the event. Travel and accommodation will be for your own account. We can help you to find accommodation here, and can help with other administrative issues in South Africa. Write to the translate-devel mailing list urgently (February 2009) if you want to come.

To wet your appetite, read more about Pretoria on Wikipedia: