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Mozilla project roadmap

To reach the goals of the project, attention will be given to certain issues in each quarter. Although re-prioritisation might cause some changes during the life of the project (like the order of completion), this should provide the basic outline.

Quarter 1

This period will focus on making everything required for Mozilla localisation translatable in a single translation format (Gettext PO), and making it easy or unnecessary to have interaction with CVS to obtain translatable files. Work will start on the off-line editor.

Toolkit tasks:

  • Update the current converters to ensure they work well for all Mozilla products.
  • Implement the missing converters to be able to convert all the important files to a translation format.
  • Develop tools to do the necessary CVS checkout, generation and / or updating of translation files.

Editor tasks:

  • Project starts by providing a basic multi-format localisation editor based on the existing Translate Toolkit.

Quarter 2

This period will focus on the enhancement team functionalities in Pootle and continued work on the editor.

Pootle tasks:

  • Enable a usable workflow for providing suggestions, notifying a maintainer and enabling suggestion review
  • Enable the delegation of rights and allow proper granularity of permissions

Editor tasks:

  • Implement search and replace functionality

Quarter 3

This period will focus on functionality that reduces errors.

Toolkit tasks:

  • Augment the converters to allow them to distinguish better between translation and configuration strings, and provide useful tips in the translation format to help localisers.

Editor tasks:

  • Spell checking
  • Visual highlighting of markup
  • Visual highlighting of variables

Quarter 4

Continue work to eliminate common translator errors and allow groups prioritise translation work.

Pootle tasks:

Make it possible to set goals and milestones.

Editor tasks:

Quality checks as provided by the Translate Toolkit Show translation status (basic translation statistics)