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ODF Translation Converter

This project builds a converter that allows conversion from the Open Document Format (ODF) to translation files (PO and XLIFF).

This project is made possible by the NLnet Foundation and is implemented in cooperation with Itaapy - creators of the itools project.

The itools project has done some existing work on supporting different file formats, among them ODF. The Translate Toolkit has support for many localisation formats and localisation features. This project will look at combining these expertise to build a set of converters that can convert an ODF file to either PO or XLIFF to allow translation and management in any compliant translation software, and also to convert back to ODF to provide the translated document.


  • Try the odf2xliff and xliff2odf scripts. See the details here:

ODF-XLIFF starts working

How can I help?

  • Run the converter on your current documents
  • Test it against the ODF spec itself
  • Report any issues
  • Write test cases or run the converter against the itaapy test framework
  • Keep Wynand motivated with your encouragement and patches
Design help

Currently, we're busy completing Enrique's placeables code in the toolkit. Proper placeable handling is necessary to handle formatting and footnotes (amongst other things) in ODF documents.

The design page is here.


Although it seems odd to have a screenshot of a converter here is one with Virtaal translating the converted ODF 1.2 specification:

What's currently missing?

Deliverables summary