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This page is an attempt to document and align the terminology used in the itools and ttk (ttk is short for “Translate Toolkit”) projects.

itools ttk
Single translation elements
translation element Message/Translation Unit
translation element (code) itools.gettext.po.Message
comments is the base class of all translation unit types in ttk.
Translation files
translation file Store
translation file (code) itools.gettext.po.POFile
comments The PO and XLIFF types are derived from itools.handlers.text.TextFile. is the base class of all translation store types in ttk. This base class should not be compared to itools.handlers.text.TextFile, since TextFile represents a text file, whereas TranslationStore specifically represents translation files.

Unit-level information

General remarks

The itools unit types do not support plurals. The ttk supports plurals via the string type translate.misc.multistring.multistring; all plural forms are contained in the member .strings.

The ttk unit types have the same interface due to their sharing as a base class.


itools ttk
source attribute source source
target attribute target target
notes notes notes
notes accessor direct getnotes/addnote
notes type xliff.xliff.Note stored inside unit
XLIFF attributes attributes No generic support. Standard XLIFF attributes supported.
XLIFF attribute accessors direct isreview/markreviewneeded


itools ttk
source attribute msgid source
target attribute msgstr target

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