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Improvement to test descriptions

We use test descriptions in Virtaal since version 0.7. The test descriptions should be more end-user focused.


We need to standardise the way we refer to things so that it is consistent

  • start (noun) of string
  • end (noun) of string
  • different (difference?, differs)
  • -string (not allowed)
  • source/target original/translation?
  • In some cases, “modified” could be used instead of “different/differences” (may shorten a long string)


We need to standardise punctuation and capitalisation. Do all messages end in full stop? What is enclosed in quotes? According to our HIG, it should probably be sentence case.

Suggested rewordings

Accepted proposals are bold characters

Test Message Proposal(s)
blank checks whether a translation only contains spaces Translation is empty
short, long checks whether a translation is much shorter than the original string The translation is much shorter than the original
escapes checks whether escaping is consistent between the two strings Escapes in original (%s) don't match escapes in translation (%s)
printf checks whether printf format strings match ? Different printf variables
accelerator checks whether accelerators are consistent between the two strings …Detailed messages in code already
variables Do not translate: %s , Translation contains variables not in original: %s
emails, urls, numbers checks that emails are not translated Different email addresses Different URLs Different numbers
options The option %s does not occur or is translated in the translation. The parameter %(param)s in option %(option)s is not translated. The translation is missing option %s, Consider translating parameter %(param)s of option %(option)s
startwhitespace, endwhitespace - (Starting whitespace, Ending whitespace) checks whether whitespace at the end of the strings matches Different whitespace at the end (Differences in starting whitespace)
endpunc, startpunc checks whether punctuation at the beginning of the strings match, checks whether punctuation at the end of the strings match Different punctuation at the start Different punctuation at the end
purepunc checks that strings that are purely punctuation are not changed Consider not translating punctuation, Differences in punctuation
sentencecount The number of sentences differ: 1 versus 2 Different number of sentences: 1 ↔ 2 or 1 ≠ 2 (need to check font support on Windows)
simplecaps checks the capitalisation of two strings isn't wildly different Certain differences in capitalisation, Different use of capitalisation, Different capitalisation
startcaps checks that the message starts with the correct capitalisation Different capitalisation at the start
newlines (+tabs) checks whether newlines are consistent between the two strings Line endings in original don't match line endings in translation, Different line endings, Differenes in line endings
puncspacing checks for bad spacing after punctuation Different spacing around punctuation
doublequoting (selfde vir enkel?) checks whether doublequoting is consistent between the two strings Different use of quotation marks, Differences in quotation marks
acronyms Consider not translating acronyms Acronym possibly mistranslated
doublewords The word '%s' is repeated
filepaths checks that file paths have not been translated File paths have been modified, File paths are not identical
xmltags checks that XML/HTML tags have not been translated Different XML tags, XML tags have been modified
simpleplurals checks for English style plural(s) for you to reviewThe source text uses plural(s), Plural form omitted in translation
credits checks for messages containing translation credits instead of normal translations. Translation credits - not text for translation, Field/message should contain only translators credits
Brackets Translation is missing '(' Translation has extra '('
doublespacing Double spaces checks for bad double-spaces by comparing to original Different use of double spaces, Differences in use of double spaces

Maybe we don't care: kdecomments compendiumcomflicts

Not used in Virtaal/Pootle yet

notranslatewords musttranslatewords validchars