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How to release

This is a page that will try to serve as a checklist of things to do for an official release, see snapshots for creating developer releases.



  • Generate new pot if necessary
  • Notify translators about new strings
  • Give time (2 weeks?)


  • Update wiki documentation
    • Branches, versions, etc.
    • Search and remove any vN.N comments that refer to old releases or the new release.
    • Ensure that all new command line items are added
    • New commands/formats/methods must be documented


  • Do we list all dependencies
  • Are all new command line tools added


  • Generate off-sourceforge and upload
  • Run ./bin/create-sitemaps

How to run the tools

  • You need to be the user 'builder'
    • The easiest way to do this is by running 'sudo -u builder bash'
  • Run bin/snapshot-toolkit to build the toolkit
    • If you want to build from a branch, pass the name of the branch (and not the full Subversion URL) as a command line parameter.
  • TBD


  • check unit tests (py.test)
    • consider disabling some if we won't fix them
  • Anything to backport / forwardport
  • Check bugzilla
  • Check TODO, BUG and XXX tags
  • msgen the English translation
  • update existing translations
  • add new translations
  • deprecated since 0.10.1: Add/remove languages translations in
  • Enable / disable enabled languages in pootle.prefs
  • Any new scripts / packages to be specified in setup files?
  • up version number
  • test
  • update ChangeLog (do an svn up first in the directory where svn2cl is run from, otherwise you don't get the latest entries)
  • build
  • verify that latest changes are in if the build is checked out with anonymous CVS
  • sanity checks
  • Add the version in
  • Sourceforge
    • Upload (see this page for instructions)
    • Do sourceforge release
    • Change default files suggested to users (keep in mind that Pootle and toolkit releases might not be synced, and recommending different versions could pose problems)
  • Remove built files from to save space
  • Announce in #pootle
  • tag
  • Documentation: ensure the tagged version has been built at ReadTheDocs
  • NEWS
  • Upstream releases
  • Report release to downstream packagers to upgrade (Fedora - Bugzilla e.g. #315021)
  • install :-)


Information Sites

Sites that carry information about the tools and that need updating.