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Reusable Django App

Is there interest in Pootle as an app within another project? If so, these are some experiences I made when trying this:

  • Pootle uses AUTH_PROFILE_MODULE but if another app does the same,there is an irresolvable collision. Therefore, I abandoned get_profile() completely in my apps. It's a very mild convenience anyway.
  • Static media collides with other apps. It may be good to use Pinax' convention of putting it into “appdir/media/appname/”. Same for templates, so that you don't need django.template.loaders.filesystem.load_template_source anymore.
  • Many URLs break if Pootle's root URL is changed. You should use inverse resolving of URLs everywhere.
  • Settings like TITLE and DESCRIPTION may collide with other apps. Please use prefixes in common English words.