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Screencasts are great for showing functionality in the various products. This page is about how to create these screencasts, storing scripts that you might have created for your screencast and actually linking to the screencast.

The screencasts themselves should be linked to from the various parts of the user documentation, see this as the development playground and historical archive of screencasts.


  • recordMyDesktop - this is about the easiest to use.
  • xvidcap - very nice interface design but didn't actually record anything


These are the recommended steps when creating a screencast

  • Think about what you want to say
  • Write a script
    • Even if you lose track you will be following
  • Prepare your desktop
    • Preferable to use another user on a clean desktop
    • Select your screen capture area
    • Resize windows and increase fonts as needed
    • You could try increase your pointer size
  • Record
    • Speak clearly, try add some life to your voice, don't rush
    • Point to features you are talking about, you need to realise that they might not immediately see what you are talking about
    • Use mouse gestures so that you attract the viewers eyes
  • Review and try again if needed
  • Upload your screencast
  • Put your script and any other configuration information on this page.

You could record sound separately or go over and post process the screencast with subtitles etc. One reason not to do this is that they are time consuming and error prone, rather get a good tutorial out than try to make it fancy.


Pootle - users translating

This was a demonstration created for the Mozilla foundation but is useful beyond that as a generic demonstration of translating, suggestions and checks.

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Virtaal & Pootle - download, offline translaton and upload

Also created for a Mozilla demonstration. This shows a user on a stats page, they download the files, translate offline then upload. It shows the download and upload capabilities and gives a first look at the translation tool.

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Translate Toolkit - moz2po demonstration

Created for a Mozilla demo. This is a pure command line demo with some visual tools to show off files. It shows conversion of .properties and .dtd files to .po using moz2po. Various features such as merging accelerators and dumping DONT_TRANSLATE text are shown. Hopefully the idea that a consistent PO format which is rich for translators is demonstrated.

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