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Specification: Easy Description Editing

Pootle has a number of places, or possible places where you want to communicate to the users; new or existing.


A user finds the Pootle server and they want to know what it is about, how they can contribute and who to contact.

A user is interested in a specific project but wants to know what it is about, where they can get the software, what they can do to contribute. The same goes for languages and specific language and project intersections.

An administrator or project lead wants to easily update their project description to add a link to resources that thy want people to read before they volunteer. The administers want a simple way to enter the description that isn't HTML but uses something like Markdown of rST.

An experienced user doesn't need to read those notes so they'd like to shorten of hide them once they get going. So we need a way to hide the show, shrink or hide the notes.