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This project is about writing a standalone TM server.

This project has been implemented, and was released with version 1.3 of the Translate Toolkit, and integrated into Virtaal version 0.3. Many further developments remain possible - feel free to get involved with this exciting project.


  • It is probably easier to implement for Virtaal than messing with multiple threads
  • It is useful for both Virtaal and Pootle
  • It allows single shared TM server between different Pootle/Virtaal instances


  • Tiny http server (using wsig)
  • Exchanges messages using JSON


  • build very basic that can be tested with a webbrowser
  • basic server can respond to a single TM query at a time
  • implement TM update feature
  • build a skeleton GTK test application to experiment with different queue and timing options (Not in version control, ask Alaa if you are interested)
  • scale to many consecutive requests (done?)
  • build virtaal MVC module


  • Ignoring some placeables to provide better matches
  • Accepting rich strings in the API
  • Providing rich strings
  • More meta-data for stored translations
  • TMX export