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Wiki translation

The wiki covers the user manuals for the Translate Toolkit, Pootle and other applications. It also includes the Localisation Guide.

Not everything needs translation, and some things are more important than others. This page is therefore a page in which we track the priority of what needs translation.


The following are the start pages of various namespaces, it is the namespace that we want to translate first.

Zone Notes Cleanup
Front page
Pootle user's guide Needs a lot of cleanup
Pootle site admin guide This and the other guides need to be created.
Localisation guide We probably want to look at the front page and reorder pages. Some data needs to be reviewed and cleaned up.
Translate Toolkit This might be the best first start, especially the guides. Very good condition. We probably want to make the toolkit itself localisable before looking at all the man pages.

These are namespaces that we should ignore.


  • Images - how will we localise images?
  • Automation - we still need to build the automation that will push the new translations to a Pootle server.