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Terminology Back-ends

Back-ends provide the main terminology plug-in with suggestions. These suggestions can come from any source accessible by the plug-in.


Terminology back-end that automatically downloads a pre-approved terminology file per language pair and periodically checks for changes.

Client-side Operation

  • The client-side (the plug-in) queries a predefined URL for all terminology files: where en and af is replaced with the source language and the target language, respectively.
  • The above URL is queried on each language change as well as at program start-up, but only if the last update was done more than three days ago.

Server Setup

The server setup is the most important part of this plug-in's operation. It should:

  • Redirect to the URL of the appropriate terminology file for the given language pair
  • Give a 404 if there is no approved terminology file for the given language pair

This means that approved terminology files are made accessible by adding the necessary forwarding rules to the web server.

Local File(s)

Use terminology from one or more files on the local machine.

Queries the Open-Tran web service for terminology suggestions.