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Pootle TODO

Questa è una versione per wiki del Pootle TODO che si trova nel CVS susrc/trunk/Pootle/TODO

Ogni tanto sarà richiesta della manutenzione…

Current Tasks

  • upload submissions come po file / zip
  • assegnamento di lavori vari (package + email)
  • upload del lavoro completato(by maintainer)
  • cosa è stato restituito, cosa no
  • possibilità di mandare il lavoro agli sviluppatori
  • consentire aggiunta manuale al maintainer
  • creazione/ revisione di obiettivi * localize pootle
  • creazione po files
  • impostazione della lingua al login
  • priorità (directory/file order)


  • processi (administrators/translators/reviewers)
  • locking
  • consentire la ricerca per mostrare solo argomenti correlati alla ricerca (no context)
  • aggiungere la possibilità di mandarebug reports peremail

Requisiti per [[Translatathon]]

  • assigning stuff to people (with permissions)
  • both translation and review
  • attribution (based on login)
  • last translator
  • comment with everyone at top of po file
  • comment in suggestion
  • translation review cycle
  • comment to explain rejection
  • highlight spaces in original so you can see what is a space

Other Tasks

  • handle plurals properly (currently ignored)
  • add ability to mark/unmark things as fuzzy
  • move the sidebar to be like distributed proofreaders (at the top, small)
  • test with apache multiprocess
  • store a history file
  • maybe have a separate file to track who translated each string
  • display results of checks for each string on submission
  • handle language subtypes (regions)
  • handle project versions
  • have clickable characters to add for a language (mostly useful for diacritics)
  • allow user to copy original to translation
  • a reviewer can mark as string as fuzzy but not provide a translation (inorder to browse and fixup things like af KDE).
  • integrate with KBabel/POEdit
  • allow XLIFF version of files to be downloaded/uploaded
  • show KDE and other PO comments in some uncluttered but accesible way
  • create Gettext .mo/.gmo (compiled .po) files that can be downloaded and run. Similarly
  • allow creation of .qm (compiled Qt .ts files).
  • See pygettext for .mo files and lrelease which is GPL'd for Qt .qm files
  • create XPI files automatically when updates are made
  • Add X-Poedit style tags in the header when you download so that people usingthis PO editor don't have to configure everything


  • percentage change. So you can see if a language/project is active or not.
  • if there is only one .PO firl for a project then merge the header bar and the PO file bar to make it less clutered and more logical.
  • goto a specific message. Maybe a better thing to have a bar graph showing what bits aren't translated and jump straight to that.


  • when returned to the indexpage from the translatepage (finished search etc) the project root is one level out
  • check that rejecting suggestions always gets the right id
  • suggestion msgid comments get incorporated into main po file! this *totally* confuses things, item numbers seem to get messed up too…
  • when checks are on and you browse into one when you return checks are off
  • searching does not work when in the translation interface