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This information is about an old Pootle version. Pootle 2.0 doesn't have assigning functionality but it may be added in the future.

When different team members want to work on the same project, Pootle allows the project administrator to assign work to different people. Different files from the same project can be assigned, or even a single file can be split between different people.


In order to assign work, you need to create one or more goals. Ensure that you have the permissions to work on goals. Make Pootle show the editing functions, and click on “Show goals”. You should now be able to enter the name of a new goal on the right hand side of the Pootle page. You should see the name of your new goal now, and also “Not in a goal”. At the start, all files are “Not in a goal”, so you should find all your project files in there.

Here you can move selected files to the real goal that you created. Now go back to the project page listing all the goals, and enter the goal where you want to do the configuration by clicking on the name. Here you can add all the people that will work on this particular goal. Keep in mind that only users who indicated interest in the language you are configuring will be available to assign work to.


Now all the files that will be part of this goal must be listed inside the page for the goal, and all the users that will work on it, must be added (their usernames will show above the dropdown list and the button “Add user”). To see all the assignments inside a goal, click on “Show assigns” in the top navigation bar.

Assigning whole files to one user

To assign a whole file to one user, select the particular user in the dropdown list in the line representing the file. Next choose which messages must be assigned: All strings or only the untranslated strings. Click on “Assign” to complete this configuration.

To remove the assignment from the user, simply click on “Remove” next to the assignment line at the file, or at the top of the goal.

This process can also work for directories in projects like with directory structures. All the files in the directory can be assigned like this.

Dividing work between people

You can also assign work to more people, even if it is in one file. To do this, click on “Select multiple” next to the user selection control for the file you want to assign. The dropdown list will now become a list where you can select multiple people (usually by holding down shift or control while selecting).