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Version control authentication in Pootle

To access the repository of version controlled files (especially for submitting), it is necessary to configure a non-interactive authentication.

This enables the pootle server to connect to the version control server and to submit changes with the appropriate privileges.

The following examples should help the pootle administrator to configure this authentication properly.

Read version control for an overview.




Read more about Subversion:


  1. add a new user with appropriate privileges to the subversion server, if necessary (e.g. read subversion authorization)
  2. make sure, that the pootle user has write access for ~/.subversion/ to store authentication tokens
  3. do a real svn commit with the uid pootle in order to:
    • (possibly) import an SSL certificate
    • store the username and password in the subversion authentication cache (by default, the option store-passwords is enabled in ~/.subversion/config)
  4. If you start Pootle from an init script, make sure that all necessary environment variables are set. $HOME will be needed to obtain your cached authentication information, for example.

From now on, pootle should use these stored access credentials when uploading commits for this repository.

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