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Creating goals

This information is about an old Pootle version. Pootle 2.0 doesn't have goals functionality but it may be added in the future.

In a translation project in Pootle, you can create goals to organise and prioritise files. Creating goals is also necessary for assigning work to people.

To create a goal follow these steps:

  • View the project
  • Click on “Show goals”.
  • Enter the name of the new goal on the right hand side of the page and click on “Add goal”.

To move associate certain files with a goal:

  • Go to the goal listing page of the project and ensure that you “View editing functions” and that you clicked on “Show goals”.
  • Initially all files and directories should be “Not in a goal”.
  • Enter “Not in a a goal” where you should see all files and directories listed.
  • Next to the file or directory you want to move, select the desired goal, and click on “Set goal”.