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Running without installation

In some circumstances, especially for development, it is handy to be able to run Pootle and/or commands from the toolkit without having to install after each change. This page describes a way that this can be done

  1. Check out / update the sources
  2. Ensure you have the dependencies
  3. (Pootle 2) symlink Pootle/translate to the toolkit directory

Pootle 1.2

(probably not necessary any more for anyone)

  1. Run setuppath from the src/ directory of the source tree (this only needs to be done once for each of your local directories - look at the script setpath that is created by setuppath for this). If you change the full path where the source tree is, you need to rerun this, otherwise you won't need to rerun it.
  2. Include or source setpath into your environment with (running it won't work). This includes the toolkit and Pootle sources in the PYTHONPATH of your current shell only and also puts most of the executables of the toolkit in your PATH.
. setpath


source setpath

This way you can test a change immediately without reinstalling.