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Pootle server

This page has information about our official Pootle server. This server is the place for translations of the Pootle interface, as well as some other projects. Please keep your translations of the Pootle interface up to date!


If you need some help with this specific Pootle server, there are several ways to contact us:

Note that your specific language team might use other means to keep contact. See the language section below.


Obviously we would like to have translations into as many languages as possible. If your language is not listed at all, or is not added to a specific project, contact us to add it (contact detail above). Consider gathering your language name, language code, plural information and display settings. (more localisation resources)

Feel free to list the mailinglists, chat rooms or other forums that are used by your localisation team:


The policy for selecting projects on our official server are not finalised yet. Currently it is used for the Pootle interface itself and related projects (terminology, user guide, etc.). More information should follow here later…

More information

This wiki is the central place with documentation about Pootle and other aspects of the translate project. The following pages might be relevant: