Translate Toolkit & Pootle

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User Tools

Project page

Only users with view rights for the project can access the project page. server level permissions are used if no project specific permissions exist.

Overview tab

The Overview tab of the project page lists all the languages that have been enabled for the project. Language names link to the translation project (aka language/project pair) page not the the language page.

Note that any user with view rights for the project will be able to see all languages listed regardless of whether they have view permissions on the corresponding languages and translation projects.

For each language translation statistics are displayed, a summary of pending translation work (hover over the link and you will see a tooltip listing how many words are untranslated and how many are fuzzy -- clicking on the link takes to quick translate page for that translation project), the total amount of words in the translation project and the user who submitted the last translation with the time and date of that submission.

At the bottom there is the top contributors table for this particular project.

News tab

The News tab has the last news items related to this project, which includes alerts about new languages added to the project and users selecting the project in their profile (indicating interest in joining the translation team).

Users with admin rights for the project will see a form where they can submit new news items for the project.

Admin tab

Users with admin rights on the project will be able to use the admin tab to add new languages to the project.

When you add a new language a corresponding translation project is created. The file system is scanned for translation files that should belong to this translation project. If none are found Pootle will attempt to initialize new ones from templates.

Admins can also select languages to remove from the project using the delete checkbox, which will delete the translation projects with their corresponding translations from the database (no files will be deleted from the file system).

The update from template checkbox can be used to update many languages to the latest version of the translation templates.

Permissions tab

Users with admin rights on the project will be able to use the permissions tab to manage project level permissions or grant extra rights to some users.

Project permissions overrule server-wide and language permissions.

On the users dropdown users who have added the project to their profile will be listed first under “Project Members”.