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2009 Goals

This is a list of ideas for where Pootle is headed in 2009. These ideas should be condensed and prioritized into goals before being assigned. This list was built from the following URLs. Please feel free to add more.

Other links with significant suggestions were not included in this list:

  • Parity with django+jToolkit
    • maybe multi-threaded w/ course locking? Pootle has a LockedFile class which does nothing right now but could be used.
    • Make sure jToolkit is completely removed (verify all legacy code)
    • Ensure LDAP works
  • An easy/friendly installer
    • Need migration scripts
    • Need to convert MD5 → SHA1 on users' first login.
    • Use Fantastico for users on a shared host (low priority)
  • New admin panel including:
    • users can be an admin for an entire language or project and inherit rights as new projects are added
    • admins can assign rights without the user having to select anything first
    • admins can change anything about a user
    • ability to refresh stats immediately (with the documentation to know exactly what that means ;)
    • ability to email logical groups of people (all admins for a project, everyone contributing to French, etc.)
    • ability to see/change current status of project files (local modifications? anything pending to commit? etc.)
    • ability to CRUD settings (I guess that means creating a settings table in the db and writing code to make it easy to use)
    • easy handling of permissions, including delegation
    • easy admin of all settings / configuration
  • Scalability fixes, including:
    • Offline parsing for uploaded files
    • Offline stats generation (depending on the stats we're keeping)
    • memcache support
  • Styling
    • RTL styles need some help. A few details
    • UI strings need localizing once more complete; some suggestions
    • ajax suggestion interface improvements (plural support, special chars, etc.)
    • add a last-edited timestamp next to files
    • Improve URL structure
  • Notifications (email+rss), including:
    • notification when new strings are added
    • notification when strings are suggested
    • ability to opt out of email notifications
  • Notifications (on page), including:
    • if a user tries to navigate away from a page with a modified string without saving
    • after a string is modified there should be a constant message somewhere on the page that mentions the file is changed but the changes haven't been saved/committed
    • if the string doesn't pass the quality checks let the author know right away with a warning
  • Move the remainder of thigns in flat files into the database (user permissions, etc.)
  • Optional continuous updating of files. Mentioned already but had no replies.
  • Better error handling. A user should not be able to crash or DOS the server, a user shouldn't ever see an exception unless it's not techno-speak and it's in a nice page which tells them what they can do from where they are, broken pipes or network errors between the server and the user shouldn't cause the server to backup and eventually fail.
    • errors should be logged to a file specified in the config or to a database and classified according to severity. Additionally, and configurable, email should be sent to admins for severe problems.
  • Show all pending suggestions, regardless of permissions. Maybe ability to add a “me too” vote.
  • Could use “me too” votes to replace language leaders; if a change gets enough agreement it's automatically used instead of the existing ones. (To make things more complex, we could use some kind of karma tracking to add more weight to peoples' votes.)
  • Integrate Pootle with the upcoming TM server
  • Support any number of alternative source languages