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Quotable quotes

Jacek Śliwerski, creator of (March 2007):

I'd like to use this opportunity to thank you all for an awesome piece of software. The Translate Toolkit is one of the greatest frameworks I have ever dealt with and my project would never be launched without it.

Noticed in IRC in the early hours of a quiet South African morning…

(04:21:14) meonkeys: ok, that was easy. “sudo apt-get install pootle” on Ubuntu 8.04.1. You guys rock.

(05:44:27) meonkeys: ok, everything was pretty self explanatory and worked as advertised. Um, wow. Thank you!

Christian Perrier with reference to a call for translation of Virtaal:

Please first coordinate on which is, indeed, a mailing list I'd recommend you to be suscribed to if interested in the development of good translation tools.

After a discussion on IRC on a successful installation of Pootle:

(23:58:09) lejocelyn_: now, I go sleeping, having good dreams knowing that one project less in Launchpad

(23:58:20) lejocelyn_: :)

From Diego Donati, a professional Italian translator:

I personally used nearly all the CAT tools out there, but when I localize software and work with PO files Virtaal is the best. I just get the work done in half the time!

From Koptev Oleg private correspondence:

I've translate Virtaal new version just now on Russian. Very great tool! More powerful then POedit! Cheerz!

Ville-Pekka Vainio, on Thank a Dev Day:

Thank you, developers of Virtaal, …

Asgeir Frimannsson about visiting our IRC channel:

… But generally interested in what the pootle folks are doing as they are some of the smarter people in the l10n community :-)

Khaled Hosney, about Virtaal:

Thank you for the great piece of software, without I'd have been stuck with vim :)

(of course a lot of the greatness of Virtaal can be attributed to his contributions…)

Rafael Villar Burke, PyGTK developer, about Virtaal:

The application looks very nice and featureful. Good work!

A Zikula developer in IRC about Pootle:

(11:58:27) drak: by the way.. I made a crazy video to sell Pootle to our community

(11:58:27) drak:

(11:58:27) drak: honestly we LOVE Pootle.

Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay after a debugging session:

I have to give it to the Virtaal/Pootle folks for being a cool crew when it comes to helping out users of their tools

Graham Weldon (lead developer of CakePHP 2.0):

*Spectacular* work. Absolutely mind-bogglingly brilliant. And you can quote me on that.

Omar about Virtaal:

Definitely, Virtaal is my po editor of choice. Its clean interface and ease of use are the best virtues of this application.

Dominic König - from the Sahana community:

Thanks for the great work you're doing - the Sahana community is actively using the translate toolkit and Pootle for internationalization - an absolutely essential part of the deployment process in our emergency management applications around the world: from Haiti in late January, Pakistan a month ago and right now Veracruz.

Khaled Hosny - Arabic FOSS localiser:

Once more Virtaal makes me insanely productive doing #10n, please forward my deep appreciation to team; you guys rock