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Pootle Development


Pootle is written in Python and requires version 2.3 or greater.

It also requires jToolkit which it uses for generating web pages and running a web server. Note that the jToolkit home page is out of date, the latest source code is available alongside Pootle (see below)

Source code

Pootle is developed in the same CVS repository as the Translate Toolkit, under src/trunk/Pootle

Every now and again tarballs of the latest code (for both Pootle and jToolkit) are uploaded to


Extract the jToolkit and Pootle source code, and run the setup programs (the dates might be different):

tar xzf ./jToolkit-0.6.2005.0217.tar.gz
cd jToolkit-0.6.2005.0217
python install
cd ..
tar xzf ./Pootle-0.8.2005.0217.tar.gz
cd Pootle-0.8.2005.0217
python install
Installation problems on Debian

If you get the message “Unable to open /usr/lib/python2.x/config/Makefile (no such file or directory)”, you probably should install python-dev libraries. Try:

''apt-get install python-dev''

To run, edit pootle.prefs and set up your PO files, and run in the directory it was installed in (more info needed here)


The Pootle HOWTO is now available in the wiki


See the PootleTODO for things that need to be done. A more high-level overview is in the PootleRoadmap