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Important Changes

These are the critical changes that have happened in Pootling, these may affect you.



Catalog Manager:

In localization work, you are not supposed to work on only one project. As a matter of fact, you would work on, KDE, SuSE, Firefox, Thunderbird…etc. Creating a project file for each project is a good idea because you don't have to configure the setting for each project again and again.

Catalog Manager is a central place where you can see all files in your project with the statistic information (such as the number of untranslated strings, fuzzy strings, translated strings, total number of entries), file location, last revision and last translator.In this version, the Catalog Manager performs the following tasks:

  • Create new project: Your new project file name is in ini formate that can be read on multi platform.
  • Open existing project: Currently, you can only open the project name that created by Pootling. we will try to have Pootling to be able to open other projects in the next version.
  • Show statistic of file or a directory (include subdirectories)
  • Find a string through the whole catalog: From catalog window, you are able to find string through all the files in the Catalog tree. The found file will be opened in the Pootling main window.
  • BuildTM from Catalog: This provides a quick to build a Translation Memory without needed to choose the file paths again. All the paths in Catalog tree will be build as a TM.

Glossary Manager:

Glossary Manager is the advanced and intelligent technology to ensure that the translation term will be identical among translators. Usually, the glossary format has only the source string and its definitions. Pootling tries to attract translator attention by offering the automatically identify and highlight glossary terms in Source strings and enable both mouse users and keyboard users easily get its definition. Glossary Manager be able to:

  • Pop up definition of each term once mouse hovered
  • Copy the definition to clipboard
  • Replace the term in Target of Detail view with the definition
  • Show other related glossary terms in a table Glossary Lookup

Translation Memory Manager:

Translation Memory is usually called TM for short; it is used for storing the usable translation strings from the already translated file(s). It enables the translation process faster by not spending time on translating the same or similar strings. In Pootling.v0.2, TM stores the usable translation and some related infomation such as location of the string known as file path, who translate the string and when.

  • Auto lookup translation: is a rough translation through the whole file. This should be used when the translator get a new untranslated file; then you will quickly get the translation of strings that are in Translation Memory.
  • An option to ignore lookup translation, if the unit is fuzzy.
  • Addition info of the string found in Translation Memory is provided as a tooltip
  • A context menu for Overview to search for string in Translation Memory is created


  • Bookmarks provides any easy way for a translator to jump to string that she wants to go. Sadly, in this version, the bookmarks will be clear after closing the file.

Plural forms:

  • The plural infomation is used for languages whose have plural form. For Khmer, there is no plural form, so we set Number of singular/plural forms = 1 ; English has Number of singular/plural forms = 2. For example, one girl and two girls. Read more about Plural form.However, Pootling is not working very well with Plural form.We will try to improve it.


Tag, viable, glossary term, and search string coloration can be useful for translators' eyes.


If you want to run Pootling in your own language, please help to download pootling.po and contribute your translation to us.


  • The look and feel of Preference is greately changed.


  • The document about how to use Pootling is distributed in the pdf format.


  • Running Pootling more easily; One click to get pootling work for you.


There are some changes for this version: - Change terminology from editor to pootling in each module where import statement are found. - Change the to to avoid the same name as pootling folder. - Correct visible tabulation in TUview source and target. - Fix PgUp/PgDown in fuzzy view - Add Close submenu under File menu - When toggle fuzzy, enable save button.

Preference Setting

* Remove the not working plurals form in preference for this version temporary.


* Windows Installer PootlingSetup0.1.1.exe


In the first release, there are some basic feathers:

Preference Setting

* Personalize Here translator can personalize his/her information: User name, Email address, Language, Support team, and Time zone. * customize editor interface font, color.


  Po/xliff file

View filter message

  Fuzzy, translated, untranslated

Edit header

for po and poxliff file


There is one text box where translator can leave comment for other translators. Two text boxes only show further infomation to translator such as where is the string and how should you translate that string.


Searching and replacing is easy across the current opening file. You can search with/without match case in source, target, or comment but you cannot replace in source area. It will highlight on the match string.

Copy source2target

Just press the shortcut F2 to copy from source string to target string.

Toggle fuzzy

Just press the shortcut ctrl+U to toggle fuzzy string.

Basic operation

you can do some basic operations such as copy, cut , paste, undo, redo, copy source to target, navigate back and forth