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Installation and Running Pootling0.2


For simple users:

In this release, we try to make it easy for our end users.

On Unix / Linux platform

Download only Easy-Pootling, go into this folder and double click on the pootling executable file.You will get Pootling to run only one click (no other requirements)

Note: Unfortunately, This Easy-Pootling support only python2.5

On Windows platform:

Download the .exe file

For Developers:

As a developer, you may need to run from the source code. The relevant dependencies are some how different from each platform. Please download the correct requirements to have your Pootling.v0.2 running.


On Unix / Linux platform:
  • Translate Toolkit 1.0.1 or later version. It must be installed properly, i.e. it needs to be accessible in your PYTHONPATH. Please see the file README in the translate toolkit for details.
  • sip-4.4.5 or higher, a Python C/C++ Bindings Generator
  • PyQt-x11-gpl-4.0 or higher, the Python bindings for the Qt GUI toolkit
  • Qt4.1 or higher, a GUI toolkit
  • On Unix / Linux platform Python 2.4 or higher (shipped with most Linux distributions)
  • The python-Levenshtein is recommended to install because it is useful for speeding up the Translation Memory searching.
On Windows platform:

You will also need the above requirements plus


Installation Packages

We provide a number of ways to have pootling installed.

RPM package on RPM based distro:

Open any of your terminal and issue the following command:

           1. su (You must be root)
           2. rpm -Uhv pootling-0.2-1.noarch.rpm

Compile from source:

Open any of your terminal, go to where the setup script ( is located and issue the bellow command:

           python install


After the completion of installation, you can use command as other commands.

Running from source code

           python [OPTION] [filename]

if the filename is given, the editor will open the file.


  1. -version show program's version number and exit
  2. -help, -h show this help message and exit